Friday, July 31, 2009

The purses are here!

I ordered these green Chinese take-out box style purses for the bridesmaids. I really want to make their bouquets in the purse for them to carry. I saw this idea online and loved it, then I ordered these purses for my own twist on it. When I first found the website they were out of green. Sad face. Then the owner of the company realized he had not updated the site to allow customers to order the green. Yea! Then I ordered them and he realized that yes they were out of the green. Then a shipment came in!
I also ordered cute drawstring purses that the girls could actually use as purses. However, they did wind up being out of those. I was very wary of these take-out purses because similar ones were A LOT more expensive. But the purses came today exactly how I wanted them. I am really excited! They are beautiful. I highly recommend this company. Even though there were some inventory issues the owner was extremely attentive and the products are beautiful! Their website is The company is G and Z international. They are a wholesale company so there is a minimum order of $100. But unlike some wholesale companies you don't have to spend that amount on one item or a case. You can mix and match products. I also ordered some items for gifts. (This photo is from their website.)

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