Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free website for managing R.S.V.P.s

I found this website called AnRSVP.com. It's a free site that allows your wedding guests to RSVP online rather than by reply card. It makes it easier on guests (that use the Internet). You don't have to worry about cards getting lost in the mail or about postage. I like that you can get instant responses! Guests might R.S.V.P. as soon as they get their invitation! You can even give guests individual urls to access their invitation. OR give guests your wedding's url and have them type in their name to R.S.V.P. I signed us up for free, even though we won't be needing it for a good eleven months! I don't know when we plan to send our invitations. Traditionally they should be sent six weeks in advance. But because we have many out of town guests I think we might send ours out a month earlier. I am aiming for the invitations to be sent June 1, 2010. We have tried to let everyone know the wedding date ahead of time so I think that will help everyone coming in from out of town.

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  1. I agree. I've used them too. The service is pretty cool and the guests love it!