Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's new

Ok, big things are happening! Sheila and I have gone through all of the wedding stuff at my apartment. It is kind of organized and we definitely have a better idea of what we've got. Thursday I went to Jason's Aunt and Uncle's house. His mom and I were going to do some wedding stuff with his aunt. When we got there all of his cousins and their daughters were there! I couldn't believe everyone that came to help. Thank you!

We got all of the bubbles tied with ribbon bows. We also worked on the leaves for the wedding wish tree. Instead of a guest book I wanted to make a wish tree. All of the guests write a wish for Jason and I then hang it on the tree. (I have since decided to also have a traditional guest book where everyone just signs their name.) Originally, I bought shipping tags to use as leaves. Then I decided to cut them into the shape of a leaf. I was going to just keep the string on the tags but we decided, on Thursday, that ribbon will look nicer. Everyone seemed to have a nice time and Jason's Uncle suggested we do it every week. I am putting some stuff together to work on next week.

The end of February I am going to Disney with my friend Katie. We met during my first internship at Disney World in 2005. Katie is from Jersey like me, and we've kept in touch. We are flying out of Atlantic City. I am hoping to stop and see my bridesmaid Heather and help her find a dress. On the way home to Rochester I am planning to go dress shopping with my cousins Sammi and Emily, my junior bridesmaids.

Speaking of the bridal party.... we have a bridal party of epic size. I still do not think that it's a big deal. We have flowers, gifts, and room for everyone. We are just lucky to have a lot of people that we love and want to be part of our day. We have other jobs as well, not just being bridesmaids and groomsmen. We are a little uneven... too many girls and not enough guys. I have a few ideas though. Jason and I are going to take a look at it tomorrow night.

Tomorrow we are going to the bakery to show them the picture of the cake that we like. (See above) I found it at this blog:

After the bakery we are meeting with one of the two caterers that our reception venue allows. He is definitely the one we would prefer, so I am hoping it goes well. After the caterer we are headed to a bed and breakfast to check it out for our guests. There are not enough rooms for everyone that will need them and it's a little pricey. So after the Inn we are checking out a hotel that's a little further out but offers a shuttle service to the museum.

This week coming up I am meeting with David, our wedding coordinator, to check in. Things are really moving along. We've got the camera battery charging!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Days until the wedding: 203
Guest List: 211

***Potential problem: We are planning an outdoor wedding. If it rains we have to have the ceremony inside a church. The church seats 175...... not exactly comfortably. They say 25% of your guest list doesn't RSVP yes....***

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rose Ceremony

The moms are sold on it, they want a rose ceremony. I had never heard of it until we went to the museum last Sunday.

Both mothers (or parents I guess) are given a rose and hand the rose to their respective children. So for the bride and groom the last gift from their parents is the first gift to each other.

I want to use two wooden roses so we can keep them. I know someone that makes them. She and I worked together at my very first job and we are now back together at my new job.

Save the dates are mostly done!

Ok, so I have finally gotten some wedding stuff done! How is it that I am down to one job and feel like I'm busier than ever? I don't know! Anyway, the save the dates are mostly addressed. I am missing a few addresses but I am going to send out what's done. My future hubby was very helpful stuffing, stamping, and sealing. Thanks Due!

Last weekend the whole fam went to scope out the Genesee Country Museum. We are considering moving the wedding ceremony and reception to the museum. If you haven't been there the museum is a 19th century working country village. All of the buildings are historic and authentic (with the exception of one or two that have been recreated). The buildings have been moved to the museum from all over New York State. The museum is a special place for Jason's family. It will be nice for our guests to be able to wander around the village while we take pictures and while they are waiting for the ceremony to start, etc. So the museum is a definite possibility.

If we go with the museum then we will be having the wedding outside of Brook's Grove Methodist Church. (Inside if it rains). We will also ditch the tuxedos (it will be HOT in August) and let the bridesmaids wear flip flops.

We are starting to make some major lists.. to do lists, DIY stuff that has to be finished, people that want our money lol. Sheila, my maid of honor, is coming over next Sunday to help sort through all of the wedding stuff at the apartment to help figure out what we have and what we need.