Saturday, December 19, 2009

Save the Date!

Ok, one more thing to almost cross off the list! I just ordered our save the date cards from Vistaprint. Sorry the picture is hard to see. The front says "Save the Date August 14, 2010." The back is printed in black and white and says "We're planning a special new year, we're getting married! We hope you have a great 2010. Happy Holidays, Beth and Duey." I know we're a little late for the holiday cards but we wanted to combine the save the dates with Christmas cards. It's just easier!


It has been way too long since my last post! I am so sorry readers! Life has just happened. I have changed jobs. I was working at the restaurant when I got a call form former boss. (I was a pharmacy technician for years.) He needed a manager for his pharmacy. So I started back there full time during the day and I was working full time at night at the restaurant. Almost eighty hours a week left no time for blogging or sleeping or anything else. One thing led to another and I decided to leave the restaurant. Not because of two jobs, for other reasons. So now I am a nine to fiver! But back to the wedding...

We are down a caterer. We talked to someone who was willing to come to my parents' house (where we are having the reception). She was also willing to charge us a lot of money! We would have had a lot more to do which would have meant a lot more stress for us. So we are considering a different venue for the wedding. We will see what happens.

I asked my facebook friends for DJ recommendations and I booked a DJ! Well I sent a deposit and they cashed it, so I am assuming we have a DJ lol. I hope they will be ok with a possible change of venue. We also booked our photographer. They are a husband and wife team that photographed our friends JoAnna and Aaron's wedding. Speaking of JoAnna... I decided life is short and I want everyone I want to be in my wedding.... so I asked Jo! And she said yes!

The decision I finally made for the bridesmaid dresses was to let the girls pick their own. The requirements are chocolate brown, knee length, short sleeve or sleeveless, matte not shiny, and church appropriate. Most of the girls have their dresses already.

Jason and I also bought our wedding bands. We went with plain white gold bands. We bought them from Kmart and got a great deal, 70% off! I have yet to find the ones I ordered on eBay, I wanted to use them for the ring pillow. With the amount of wedding stuff I have it is no surprise I can't find them!

We also ordered our flower girl dresses which turned out beautiful! We have a ring bearer pillow, garter set, wedding wish tree (in place of a guestbook)... and so many other things done...

The next step is getting some pictures up!