Friday, July 31, 2009

Perfect candles for the candelabras!

I found some perfect candles for my candelabras. JoAnna from work (who is getting married September 5) texted me when she saw these wine cork shaped candles. Thanks JoAnna! We've got a bunch on the way! I found them and this picture from Lakeside Collection.

The purses are here!

I ordered these green Chinese take-out box style purses for the bridesmaids. I really want to make their bouquets in the purse for them to carry. I saw this idea online and loved it, then I ordered these purses for my own twist on it. When I first found the website they were out of green. Sad face. Then the owner of the company realized he had not updated the site to allow customers to order the green. Yea! Then I ordered them and he realized that yes they were out of the green. Then a shipment came in!
I also ordered cute drawstring purses that the girls could actually use as purses. However, they did wind up being out of those. I was very wary of these take-out purses because similar ones were A LOT more expensive. But the purses came today exactly how I wanted them. I am really excited! They are beautiful. I highly recommend this company. Even though there were some inventory issues the owner was extremely attentive and the products are beautiful! Their website is The company is G and Z international. They are a wholesale company so there is a minimum order of $100. But unlike some wholesale companies you don't have to spend that amount on one item or a case. You can mix and match products. I also ordered some items for gifts. (This photo is from their website.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guest list!

Days until the wedding: 380

Guest list: 215

What to do with thousands of wine corks?

Well since I only got six flower balls out of all those roses I decided to try and make a pomander out of wine corks.... and I think it's cool looking!

This is what 1700 wine corks look like

It occurred to me that I really would not be able to come up with enough wine corks for all my projects on my own.... even being a bartender and having access to a few every time I open a new bottle of wine at work. So I bought some on eBay. I had no idea the sheer magnitude of 1700 wine corks until I opened this box!

The Flower Balls

OK, so this is what I did with the less than par flowers I bought online. I wound up with six pomanders. They aren't quite finished yet. The flowers are ivory and the Styrofoam balls I used are white. Even though the colors are similar, you can still see some Styrofoam between the flowers. So they need to be "tweaked" a little.

Pictures, finally!

Here is my monogram cake topper. I am very happy with the end result. When I first had the idea it was very different, it kind of evolved as I was making it.

Wedding cake stand

We haven't decided what we're doing for a cake yet. We are definitely getting it from the bakery Jason has gone to since he was little. I thought I wanted a traditional wedding cake..... but I've seen a lot of cupcake stands that I really like. If we did the cupcakes I would still like one layer of real cake so Jason and I can do the traditional cake cutting. I also have cake charms for a "cake pull." It's a southern tradition that I saw online and really liked. All the bridesmaids pull a charm and each symbol means a different fortune. Cake or cupcakes, either way I would like to use this cake stand I found at Hobby Lobby. It's really beautiful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free website for managing R.S.V.P.s

I found this website called It's a free site that allows your wedding guests to RSVP online rather than by reply card. It makes it easier on guests (that use the Internet). You don't have to worry about cards getting lost in the mail or about postage. I like that you can get instant responses! Guests might R.S.V.P. as soon as they get their invitation! You can even give guests individual urls to access their invitation. OR give guests your wedding's url and have them type in their name to R.S.V.P. I signed us up for free, even though we won't be needing it for a good eleven months! I don't know when we plan to send our invitations. Traditionally they should be sent six weeks in advance. But because we have many out of town guests I think we might send ours out a month earlier. I am aiming for the invitations to be sent June 1, 2010. We have tried to let everyone know the wedding date ahead of time so I think that will help everyone coming in from out of town.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coloring books

I got out of work early tonight. My project for the night was coloring books for the little kids coming to the wedding. I found a great example of do it yourself activity books: (that's where the picture is from) I've been scouting the Internet for coloring book pages all night and found some cute ones!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guest list!

Days until the wedding: 394
Guest list: 207

Bridal shower

My sister has a great idea for my bridal shower. A tea party! There is an old estate about twenty minutes from my parents' house that hosts tea parties. We have had parties there in the past for girl scouts. I love the idea of a tea party because two of my best friends growing up always used to have tea parties. Heather, who made me the beautiful engagement ring martini glass and Desiree. Desiress passed away two years ago July 15, 2007. I think a tea party shower is something she would have loved. It's a hard year for me planning my wedding and knowing she won't be here for it. I think everyone has someone they wish could be at their wedding that is no longer with them. I have been trying to think of a way to remember her at my wedding.

Bridesmaid bouquets

These are the purses I found to make my own version of the purse bouquets. I love them because the green will go with the dresses. We also have several themes going: wine, chinese food, pearls, green, and a kind of champagne color. The handbags will help tie in the chinese food theme we have going on.

Bridesmaid bouquets

Ok, so I've had quite a few ideas about bridesmaid bouquets. I started with a traditional bouquet wrapped with ribbon and secured with pearl headed pins. Then I ordered bouquet holders to clip on the tables at the reception. Then I wanted silver plated bouquet holders. Then I wanted to make pomanders, "kissing balls," for the girls to carry. Well..... now comes the newest evolution of the bridesmaid bouquets..... I saw this picture of someone's wedding where the bridesmaids carried flowers in purses. And they kept the bags afterwards! (Please let me know if anyone knows where this picture came from, thanks!)

Invitation wax seal stamper

I recently got an invitation to a dinner party hosted by my friend David at work. The invitation was sealed with wax. I never though to use a wax stamp before. It was really beautiful. I found a "D" stamp on The Rainforest Site. I am super excited to get it. Now I just need wax! Thanks for the inspiration Dangerous Dave!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pearl headbands

I am making pearl headbands for the flower girls! I found a video demo. ( I am hoping to post new pictures soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taper candle holders for unity candle

Here is a picture of the taper holder I picked to go with the pillar unity candle holder. I ordered two. I like the cute "wedding ring" design.

Unity candle

I know I haven't posted anything in a while! So sorry, work has been very stressful. I only had one day off since my last post. I found this beautiful pillar holder for our unity candle at I am super excited to get it! I am planning on buying and decorating the actual candles myself. I am busy with my pomanders, "kissing balls." And now I am considering having the bridesmaids carry flower balls instead of traditional bouquets. I had to scrap the flower cake topper, it didn't turn out the way I had wanted. I am keeping the pearl monogram though. I need to figure out how to fasten it to the cake though. More wedding details to come over the next few days!