Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flower girl baskets

I have finally finished the flower girl baskets! I found bamboo baskets and made ribbon handles and added bows.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Table names

I don't like table numbers at all. I don't like people to think that the higher the number they are(ex. table 20 out of 20) the less important they are to us. I like table numbers instead. We were originally going to go with different varieties of wine but we switched to different New York State Wineries. Here's the list in ABC order:
Arbor Hill
Atwater Estate
Bully Hill
Casa Larga
Cayuga Ridge
Chateau LaFayette
Deer Run
Dr. Konstantin Frank

Fox Run
Goose Watch
Heron Hill
Keuka Spring

Long Point
Rooster Hill
Sheldrake Point
Six Mile Creek
Standing Stone
Thirsty Owl

Please raise your glass to toast... Mr. Jim Beam

We have a few speeches during our reception... our fathers, Uncle Marion's poem, best man, maid of honor, "sisters of honor." And we thought about a champagne toast. We have been planning on Jason and my Grandpop doing a shot of bourbon together. I thought about it and decided that we should just use bourbon! Jason loves Jim Beam, it's his favorite. So I think we're going to pass around shots of bourbon instead of champagne.... we'll have apple juice or something else for anyone who doesn't want to. But who wouldn't want to, right? Ha ha. It will be my first shot of bourbon. I like little touches that reflect Jason and I.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here Comes the Guide!

I am super excited to announce that I am planning my first wedding! I have helped with several over the past few months but I have one from (pretty much) start to finish. The bride is Bridget and she is the older sister of my best friend, Sheila. The wedding is April 2011, so we have plenty of time to plan even after my big day. The theme is black, white and pink. The couple also loves football and baseball so we may incorporate some sports into it.

40th Wedding Anniversary

A few days ago I got a thank you note in the mail from Beth's mom for the Anniversary party! It made me realize I haven't posted pictures yet! So here they are:

Place settings:

Candy Buffet:

Chocolate Fountain:

Cake and Cake Topper:

(Tha cake was made by Beth's uncle and I made the topper, it's a lowercase h)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DIY Pocketfold Invitations by Miranda

Ok, big belated THANK YOU to Miranda. Miranda made me a template with directions for making pocketfold invitations. They are generally very expensive to buy so a lot of people make them. The problem is that all the templates out there are for custom cut paper that usually needs to be ordered online. Miranda has started her pocketfolds and used 12x12 paper which is cheap and easy to get. Hers looked great and I can't wait to see the finished product!

1. I used 12x12" paper
2. Using the template measurements cut the entire piece out (once you do it once it's pretty easy)
3. Fold the 1" section on the score line, I used double stick tape on the back of the 1" sections on the bottom and folded the whole section up to create the pocket.
4. For the pocket inserts I created 3 different sizes [4.75x4.75", 4x6" (my response postcard) and 4.75x7"])
5. Once the invite is completed fold left to right and fold the 2" flap over to the left