Monday, August 31, 2009

Guest list!

Days until the wedding: 348

Guest Count: 224

Sunday, August 30, 2009

More engagement pictures!

Engagement pictures!

Jason and I had engagement pictures done last Tuesday! They turned out nice. While we are waiting for a CD of all of them the photographer (friend of Teresa's, thanks T!) emailed me some of the best. I think we will send out save the dates as Christmas cards.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another cake topper!

This is the cake topper I am making for my friend JoAnna's wedding. She already has a cake topper but she liked my "D" and wants a "G" to display. I went with a burnt Orange colored bead to go with her theme. It's a cursive G, I think it looks nicer than a print, and it's easier to work the wire with cursive letters rather than regular print. I guess we will have to see if she likes it but I'm still undecided.

Something blue

So by now you've gathered that I'm a planner. So of course I am already thinking about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I saw a picture somewhere of a dyed crinoline (that big puffy skirt with hoops that you wear under a wedding dress). It was bright pink! And I got to thinking "Hey, I have one of those!" Then I decided it could be my something blue! It's hard to see the blue in the picture. You can tell the lace is dark blue. In person everyone has been saying it's definitely blue. I am considering re-dying it.

Towel Cakes

Ok the cakes are almost finished! On the left I have my fall cake decorated with leaves, and on the right I have my beach cake decorated with seashells. And all around the cakes is my messy kitchen. Jason probably cannot wait for some of this wedding anniversary stuff to be over! Poor Jason, every surface in our place is a project in progress.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jess and Rob's Wedding

Ok, I had a HUGE project I was working on but I couldn't really say anything because it was a secret. So it was killing me not to post anything about it. But finally on Saturday Rob and Jess had a small intimate wedding so it's not a secret anymore! Yea! I wanted to do a few small things to help make their day extra special.

Favors- chocolate heart molded candies (red because I was initially misinformed about the wedding colors, cough, Jason, cough). The chocolates were in little silver heart shaped boxes.

Fans- just Popsicle stick fans. I didn't have time to get a picture of the bride and groom so I used some clip art. Sigh, not my finest work but I had some time constrictions.
Bubbles- instead of birdseed or rice or flower petals. I just tied little bows around the necks of the bottles. I don't think I have a picture but it was just a little bow.

Photo frame with autograph mat- I just tied some ribbon around the four corners and then put the back of the frame on to hide the ends of the ribbon. No picture of it though. Sorry : (

Cake topper- I started a monogram "V" like my "D" but it looked more like a "U" so it evolved into a heart. Which matched the favor boxes and the backs of the fans. Totally Sheila's idea, thanks Sheil!

And the most daunting task..... and I got called a crazy person more or less at work..... I made the wedding cake!!! I love to decorate cakes. Thanks to Aunt Lynn who had me do my first cake ever. Blue's Clues for one of Emily's birthdays. Don't ask me what birthday... five I want to say? I actually do have a pic somewhere. I am used to working in butter cream but I went for fondant because I didn't have time to hand pipe an entire cake in the short amount of time I had. It was a total shot in the dark because I had never done it. But it totally paid off. The cake was beautiful! It was three layers, wrapped in ribbon, accented with white roses and green leaves. The server at dinner asked for a piece! The cake though is an entirely different post.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guest list!

Days until the wedding: 365!!! A YEAR!!!

Guest count: 224

Wedding cake... towel cake

Ok, so I know like 27 people that are getting married. I started making a towel wedding cake for one of my friends. I've made diaper cakes before and they've turned out really nice so I thought I'd try a towel cake. Usually with the diaper cakes I take the rubber bands off and replace them with ribbon. The cakes are pretty serious though.... I may have to ribbon on top of the rubber bands. I think the cakes might bust through just ribbon. Anyway, this is the undecorated version. There are six bath towels and six hand towels. I didn't even bother with washcloths. I had enough towels and I don't think people really use them anymore.

Flower girl headbands

Ok, I lied. The most tedious project to date was probably this one. I made these pearl headbands for the flowergirls to wear.
They're going to be tied with green ribbon under their hair. By the way please excuse my messy 2:30 in the
morning hair lol.
Great how to video!

My new favorite pomander!

I found pearl garland at my new favorite store (Hobby Lobby). I wanted to try making a pearl pomander since all the girls will be wearing pearl necklaces. It was probably the most tedious wedding project I've had to do so far. I had to push the pearls together to hide the string and it took 30 feet of garland!!! But.... I think it turned out beautiful!....and heavier than I expected! I am worried that sometimes that type of garland gets yellowish with age....and I'm also worried that the ribbon might fall out because it's so heavy. I might hang it up somewhere and see how much weight it can take.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know, it's been too long!

Sorry it's been FOREVER since I posted anything. Work has been really stressful. Wedding planning is still well underway. My mom told me today it's been a long time since I put anything up lol. Today I ordered a dress from JCPenney. It's sage green and I want to see the color and how big or small the dresses run. The dress (and picture) are from I'm super pumped to see if those flats from Target will match the dresses.

I'm thinking I want Sheila (MOH...maid of honor) to wear a different color dress. I am torn between taupe (to match the accents on my dress) or a coral/tangerine type color (to make the tiger lilies I want to carry). I think either color will be nice with the sage green but I think the orange would look nicer on Sheila because she has dark hair and very fair skin.

Today Beth and I went shopping for her parents' anniversary party. We also wanted to check out some prices at Sam's Club and BJ's. I got some rectangular tablecloths for the buffet tables for the wedding. It's kind of killing two birds with one stone because we can use the tablecloths for Beth's party too. I also saw some great square plates at BJ's that I might get for the wedding. Yes, they are plastic and disposable. But they are nice. I don't want anyone doing dishes at my wedding! (Especially Aunt Kathy!!! She always gets the dishes!)

Friday is one year until the wedding! We are planning on getting some engagement photos taken August 25. Thanks Teresa for recommending Melissa! I'm hoping to get some stuff done tomorrow and maybe get some more pictures up!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rough draft bridesmaid "bouquets"

Ok, I did a rough "draft" of what I would like the bridesmaid flower purses to look like. These are in place of bouquets.

40th Wedding Anniversary

Exciting news! Beth asked for my help planning her parents' surprise fortieth wedding anniversary. The party is at the end of September, so we don't have a ton of time... She already has a place rented. No alcohol is allowed on the premises, so we don't have to worry about that. She also has a friend who caters as a hobby so he has agreed to be her caterer. So now we just need to do everything else.
The symbol for a fortieth wedding anniversary is the ruby, so we have decided to go with a red and white theme.